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a humorsite. Don't do anything you see hear at home. This is a humor site. No i'm joking you can do what ever you want! Warning the following website may be a offence to certain people, This is only a joke site don't take it personal.

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News of this week:

Japan recovers from earthquake started by a fat kid who fell in the water. The destruction was masive and people have died. This was a sad event for the people in japan and the fat kid who got towed and then arrested.

Osama made another threat to americans. He threated that "I Osama died 2007 and my brain was kept in a jar next to hitler's brain and Walt disney's. I was revived in one of your army man's body. You shall rue the day you mest with osama bin ladin. Now time for the rebirth of the new wave of destruction". He was also very happy to know that gorge bush was out of power so he could call off the threat.

In other news toronto beat montreal and 99 to 0. The montreal mainly lost after every team mate of the montreal attacked the toronto, beating them up. The whole montreal team was suspended giving toronto a huge advantage.

Lastly Blob fish are now extinked!
The blob fish

The last known picture of the blob fish. Killed by a tiger 2 years ago now on youtube.

time made: 2011/ march/ 20-26

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